The first international programming camp for ingenious youth in Central and Eastern Europe!

Milówka, Poland, 1.09 – 8.09 2019



As a group of passionate programmers, former counselors, task authors and participants of dozens of science camps, we believe that intensive work in a closed environment of ambitious students during such events boosts participants’ skills and increases their motivation. This is one of the reasons why we decided to organise Camp IT. Our camp is an opportunity to freely explore topics you love, improve your programming skills and make friends with like-minded people with similar interests from different countries. We want to create a friendly, open-minded atmosphere at Camp IT, where you and your peers can share your experience with each other and spend quality time together. From 1st till 8th September 2019 we will be working together as one big international family. The camp location couldn’t have been better - surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Beskidy Mountains in Milówka, Poland, close to the Czech and Slovakian border. Last but not the least, we are very happy to announce that you can attend Camp IT not caring about economic issues!


Practice Activities

During Practice Activities (PAs) experienced enthusiasts of various fields of Computer Science will present you with topics they are passionate about. You will recieve tips on how to delve into the presented problems and effectively develop your skills. If you become intrigued, Camp IT speakers will be delighted to help you explore further and even get a real world expirience.

Olympic Activities

Olympic Activities are focused on solving algorithmic tasks in a format similar to that of the IOI in one of the following programming languages: C++, C, Python, Pascal. We focus on development, not rivalry, as the camp is meant to be a friendly place for everyone. We might give you a hint when you need it or encourage you to exchange ideas with others.

Evening Activities

Everyone deserves some relax after a day of hard work. That’s why we organize Evening Activities. They are all kinds of fun activities, usually not related to computer science. You will be given the opportunity to try something new, improve soft skills or just have fun & socialise with other campers. EAs are organized by participants, so their creativity is the limit of what can be an Evening Activity.

We want to build Camp IT together with you and your bright ideas! Propose your tasks, PA or EA in the appropriate parts of the Application Form. Attention: You don’t have to propose your Activities to participate in Camp IT, but we will be more than happy to fully co-create the event with you!


Learn in closely-knit scientific environment.

Make new friends with like-minded peers from other countries.

Get inspired in new branches of Computer Science by other IT lovers.

Extend your holidays by one week.

Become a part of Meet IT Family <3

Have fun in a small village in the country of potatoes and dumplings.

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1 May 2019

Release of Application Form

31 May 2019

Deadline for application

1 July 2019

Application results

1 September 2019

Camp IT starts!

8 September 2019

Camp IT ends


In case of any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via the contact form below or write to us on