We create an international programming community of ambitious and open-minded young people with emphasis on providing an appropriate environment for them to grow and develop future potential. We focus mostly on supporting 16-20 year old students as we believe that encouraging them to pursue their true passions at this age allows them to make more conscious decisions about their university education, get involved in more significant and noteworthy projects and achieve better career results in the long run. A proper attitude towards hard challenges and ability to learn together with like-minded friends from various backgrounds constitute a crucial part of their future impact on the world. Our projects give students the opportunity to develop through mutual motivation, peer tutoring, problem solving and practice.

Camp IT Organizing Committee

Mateusz Masłowski

What I love in Computer Science the most is that it gives us an infinite field to explore and discover new, fancy dependences which can be used to create something useful and life-changing. Besides cooking up and developing new projects I love fine dining, getting into ridiculous situations and engaging in discussions with homeless people.

Kacper Walentynowicz

My passion for computer science is based on the uniqueness of challenges that it provokes, on its broad spectrum of applications, and on the beauty of solutions it produces, derived from logical deduction and mathematical thinking. On the other hand, I don’t like technology and it doesn’t like me. I probably won’t help you with setting up your drivers, I’d sooner organize a hardcore 7AM beach volleyball session.

Maciej Kanas

My cup of tea is a combination of business, economics, and how they combine with technology in order to solve problems. Right after looking for anise sweets (really hard) I mostly focus on developing projects and learning new things, with breaks for graphic design and getting myself in the weirdest situations possible.

Paweł Matuszny

The greatest satisfaction for me is the using of IoT devices which are designed, programmed and given to the consumer. Moreover, I'm passionate about business and computer science that ideally complement each other. On a daily basis, I love meeting friends, creating interesting projects and running.

Mieszko Grodzicki

I wrote my first 'Hello world' when I was only 11, but I immediately realized that's for me. I love programming because it gives me total freedom - I am not limited by other peoples' ideas. Now I also enjoy sharing my passion. When not spending whole days in front of a computer screen (full of weird, green characters of course!) I like to make trips by train.

Paweł Piwek

Abstract algebra and young educational initiatives, that's my world. I've spent last 4 years setting up Maths Beyond Limits, now I'm super happy to help with Camp IT! Apart from that, I'm an enthusiast of partying, visiting friends abroad and making scary spreadsheets for most parts of my life.

Piotr Kowalewski

Have you ever considered maths as a form of art? Well, it certainly is, but imagine people not having to read through hundreds of pages of context to understand the piece you've created. Weeell, wrap it up in an app and to the general public, it goes! And to your pocket. Its called Computer Science. And its art.

Paweł Anikiel

What I love about computer science is well-written, efficient code, elegant and simple solutions to problems, applying maths and learning new things. I also enjoy juggling, rhythm games, long walks in nature and good food. If you like talking about some weird 3D geometry, you've probably found an appropriate person.

Marta Kuczma

I believe that the immense influence CS has on our world distinguishes it from other sciences. What I find most intriguing in IT is getting to know new technologies and learning how AI is taking control over the automotive industry. I'd rather not live in a fully autonomous world though, driving cars is too enjoyable for me. Besides that, having no opportunities for playing volleyball and windsurfing I wouldn't last long in an AI steered world.

Tomasz Nowak

My hobbies are fencing (to put it simply: stabbing people), competing in algorithmic and bot coding competitions and - the one I enjoy the most - teaching others algorithms. Having experience in organizing camps, I try to make a place where everyone is going to learn as much as possible, while having a lot of fun.

Jagoda Kamińska

What I love in IT is the fact that it has an infinite amount of various fascinating branches which I can always engage in after getting bored with the previous one. Apart from being an eternal child, I would say that loving to make yummy food for others, being an always sleepy person, resilient climber and CTF player are my most important attributes.

Paulina Skalik

My greatest passion is financial technologies because they are based on maths, computer science, and economics - the three sciences I enjoy the most. When it comes to a non-scientific part of my life, I love cooking healthy meals with fancy music in the background and eat them with my friends.